Fairy Tales Suck

Fairy Tales Suck


In my first year of private practice, I realize that Fairy Tales Suck. Fairy Tales are causing extreme stress in women and men. Let me explain.  I see women that are realizing that their quest for the happily ever is causing them extreme turmoil.  Not because of the unrealisticness of fairy tales, but because they want them all.

In this blog, fairy tales include movies, stories, romance novels, and expectations just to name a few. Princess is a term to identify the character of focus.


Fairy Tales Suck because family secrets, family conflict, jealousy, and obligation place princesses in traumatic problematic situations.


Family Conflict

The stepmother inherited Cinderella after Cinderella’s father died unexpectedly while Elsa’s parents held Elsa responsible for her curse and Anna’s impulsivity.



Snow White’s stepmother was jealous of Snow’s true beauty.


Family Secret

Fiona was cursed because of a deal that King Harold struck with the fairy godmother to become human and Elsa was born with ice powers with no exact explanation as to why.

Moana was restricted to the dying island because her father had a boating accident that resulted in one of the chief’s friend drowning.



Belle imprisoned herself in the Beast’s castle to pay for her father’s illegal behaviors – trespassing and theft while Cookie served prison time for not giving up Lucious to the authorities for drug dealing (Empire).


Fairy Tales Suck because most of the princesses are portrayed as damsels in distress that need and want saving.



Cinderella desired a savior to take her from her life and give her a life with less responsibility and happiness.



Fiona yearned for any prince to slay the dragon so she could escape the tower while Anna (Frozen) wanted companionship from anyone – she accepted an engagement with a man she had just met.


Fairy Tales Suck because the princesses live in environments that promote and encourage dependence, helplessness, denial, and imprisonment.



Jasmine was confined to the inside of the palace limiting her interactions with people outside of the help while Anna was isolated in the castle because of Elsa’s secret.



Anna yearned for a connection with anyone that she planned to marry the first person that she encountered.



Elsa was instructed to conceal her power with gloves, don’t feel any emotions, and don’t let it show.

Laura was raped by Luke, but fell in love with him (General Hospital).



Elsa never received instruction or permission to use her power, so she isolated herself from the world.

Fairy Tales Suck because the princesses are naive.

Snow White lived as a minimalist not by choice even though her father was king.

Cinderella, also, lived as a minimalist not by choice and never fought for herself.

Anna believes that her knowing about Elsa’s power makes her understand and tells Elsa, she doesn’t have to be afraid.


Fairy Tales Suck because most of the princesses’ goal is to acquire marriage with or without love.

Anna’s goal for the coronation was to find a mate. Anna is a fairy tale looking for a fairy tale.

Cinderella dreamed of going to the ball to meet the prince who would rescue her.



Fairy Tales Suck because we are lead to believe that princesses live happily ever after.

Elsa learned how to control her powers.

Anna learned how to think of others before herself.

Cinderella married the prince and escaped


What does happily ever after mean? Can anyone live happily ever after?


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