Jakini A. Kauba, MS, NCC, LCMHCA

Do you find yourself saying “I can’t wait until this is over” when you are dealing with tough situations? Are you distracted with the hope that you can simply "get over it"? Often times, heck more times than we want to accept, we are in “a space” and we start going through the "motions" because we just don’t have words for how we feel. We believe that we “cannot feel” because our "real" feelings will be judged and after all, feeling does not change the situation. We want to live a peaceful, happy, successful life but life has gotten complicated and the world has made it virtually impossible to get ahead. We feel depleted and defeated and have no choice but to fight, run, or stand and take it. We want different, we need different, however, we are unsure of how to get different when the world is changing by the minute. Did you know that in therapy, we allow for you to express yourself without judgement and belittling that many of us experience in this world? In therapy, we provide a safe place for you to explore, define, and establish your identity based on what you want, need, and desire. If your ready, take the leap and try therapy. Jakini is a lifelong learner and has made it her passion to confront inter generational trauma is not acceptable for us today and definitely was not acceptable for our ancestors. Call and schedule your appointment with Jakini to see the woman behind the smile.