Words Have Power

Don’t play with guns
you could hurt somebody with the bullets
that slide from your being
or worse, hurt yourself
for every word you speak
is a boomerang — traveling far then near
waiting to see your face
from the moment it leaves your lips.


Your words are yours.


So be careful
where you lay your claims.
Wasteland or dreamland
YOU call the shots

If your words are hot
they’ll eventually burn YOU like hell
your spirit will tell
your secrets when the spell
of indiscretion and lack of compassion
conquers your path
the demons will laugh
as you speak your own torments
upon yourself
there will be no “help”
when you are your own
and your toxic energy
belongs to yourself
as you continue continue continue
to ruthlessly cast stones
you will be repeatedly be thrown
from your wretched, falsified throne
until your spirit comes home.

J. S. Hooks 2017

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