Empowering H.E.R.

Healing Empowering Renewing

Empowering H.E.R is a 4-week in-person guided discovery group created to provide women with a safe secure environment to express their emotions, gain knowledge and resources needed to create a healed, empowered and renewed version of Self.

The purpose of the support group is for women with common experiences or concerns to come together and provide each other with encouragement, comfort, and advice to heal, empower one another and create the best version of themselves.


Members will gain knowledge of self-awareness, self-love, self-esteem, self-care, setting boundaries, overcoming fear, and finding purpose/vision ship conflicts.

Empowering H.E.R. Objective

Setting boundaries, 
just to name a few.

Open to women at least 25 years of age.

Due to the nature of therapeutic educational groups, we do not allow for visitors.

Group Leader

Shikea L. McCollum, LCSW-A

Empowering H.E.R. does not replace individual counseling.

Group is often the treatment of choice for people who experience troubled relationships, loneliness, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, and low self-esteem.

People who participate in group benefit by sharing personal experiences, giving and receiving supportive and constructive feedback all while experimenting with new interpersonal behaviors.