Progressing through Therapy’s mission is to motivate individuals whose motivation, goals, and talents have been extinguished by life, extinguished by  false expectations, downplayed by family & friends, terminated by unrealistic boundaries, smothered by society, and suppressed by culture (not an extensive list of external factors but you get the idea) to reclaim, revitalize, or simply develop the skills required for one to overcome the external doubts that were and continue to be imposed upon us to NOT live a life based on Our expectations.


During therapy, we will discuss “your journey” and try to accept that “your journey is your journey alone” and that “you can’t take others along for the ride because others can’t and won’t understand your journey.”  Through collaboration we will discuss how losing some relationships that are or were dear to us and hurts like Hell but it leaves us open to creating new relationships in which we have the power to design the parameters and boundaries of these new relationships.


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“The journey has been written but the destination has not been determined”